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Blaze Slider

The Fastest Slider Library

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High Performance

Lightening fast slider initialization. Blaze slider is 30x faster than the Slick slider, 15x faster than the Swiper slider.

Zero Layout Shifts

Blaze slider creates layout using CSS variables, you can configure the css variables in CSS file to prevent layout shifts across all media devices

Packed with Features

Touch support, drag, swipe, autoplay, pagination, navigation, infinite loop and much more

Super Customizable

Customize everything from number of slides to show, scroll, transition duration, easing etc

Responsive Config

You can have unique configurations for each type of media with power css media query based configuration

Just 2Kb of JavaScript

Blaze Slider is super tiny. It's 5x smaller than Slick, 19x smaller than Swiper

Infinite Loop without cloning slides

Blaze slider does not clone the slides. This removes an entire class of bugs that can be caused by slide cloning