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prev() and next()

Move the slider to show the previous or next slides

const slider = new BlazeSlider(options)

slider.prev() // move 1 slide to the left // move 1 slide to the right

slider.prev(2) // move 2 slides to the left // move 2 slides to the right


Listen for slide change event

const slider = new BlazeSlider(options)

const unsubscribe = slider.onSlide(
(pageIndex, firstSlideIndex, lastSlideIndex) => {
// do something

// when you no longer need to listen for slide change events

The callback function will be called with the following arguments:

  • pageIndex - the index of the current slide
  • firstSlideIndex - the index of the first visible slide in the current page
  • lastSlideIndex - the index of the last visible slide in the current page

Calling the unsubscribe function returned by the onSlide() will remove the event listener for the slide change event.


Stops the slider autoplay.

const slider = new BlazeSlider(options)

// when you want to stop the autoplay


Destroy the slider instance. Removes all event listeners, stops the autoplay, removes pagination buttons added via javascript

const slider = new BlazeSlider(options)


Refresh the slider instance. This will recalculate the slider dimensions and reposition the slides.

This is useful if slides are added or removed from the slider after the slider has been initialized.

By default, refresh is automatically called on window resize.

const slider = new BlazeSlider(options)