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Blaze slider can either be used as an NPM module or just by including its JS and CSS files on your website

Installing NPM module

Install the blaze-slider as a dependency in your project

npm i blaze-slider

Using the library via an NPM module

import BlazeSlider from 'blaze-slider'
import 'blaze-slider/dist/blaze.css'

You MUST import the blaze.css, without it slider will not work

See this sandbox for example.

Using JS and CSS files directly

You can get the latest JS and CSS files of Blaze Slider from as shown below:

JS Production build
JS Dev build

If you want a specific version of the blaze-slider library, replace the latest with a version instead, For Example[email protected]/dist/blaze-slider.min.js

JS Development build is not minified and it contains extra code that logs warnings in the console to alert wrong configurations. It is only meant to be used during development.

Using Library with JS and CSS files

Once you add the JS build to your website, a global constructor function BlazeSlider will be available. you can use this to initialize the sliders on desired slider elements as mentioned in this tutorial

See this sandbox for example.


Though you can directly use these links to load CSS and JS files to your website, it is better to self-host these files to avoid third-party network connections